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Do you like to sing? Are you looking for a way to honor God? And looking for a great opportunity to fellowship? Then please prayerfully consider being part of the Evergreen SGV choir. Remember, EVERYTHING we have is a gift from God - as with your tithes and offerings, give back a portion of what He has given you in the way of a love for singing by joining our ministry. God loves a cheerful giver!

Don't be bashful! You know, when we ask folks if they would like to join choir, many are far too modest. Here is the typical reaction we get when we ask someone:


Q: Do I have to audition?
A: No.

Q: Do I have to have prior choir or singing experience?
A: It helps but it isn't necessary. What is important is the ability to sing on key and match notes.

Q: Do I have to be able to read music?
A: Again,it helps but it isn't necessary.

Q: Do I have to enjoy singing?
A: Yes.

Q: So what's the catch?
A: We ask that you commit to honoring and glorifying God by making a serious effort to learning the songs and practicing them (see more on this below).

It's that simple! If you have a heart to serve the Lord and enjoy singing, that's the important part. Many, if not most of the folks in choir can't read music and have no prior musical experience. They just know if the note is higher on the staff it means sing higher and if the note is lower, it means sing lower. Sometimes we get it mixed up but that's okay, God is gracious!

Q: When does choir practice?
A: Sunday mornings during the church school hour (9:00 am to 10:00 am).

Q: When does practice begin?
A: Sunday, May 5, 2019, at 9:00 am (church school hour).

Q: Where is practice held?
A: Room D-3.

Q: What is the music like?
A: Beautiful, of course! Please click on the Song Samples link to the left to hear the tentative selections.

Q: What if I can't attend all the practices?
A: We ask that you make the effort to attend all main (church school hour) practices and the supplemental practices as needed; it is not something to be done at one's convenience or half-heartedly. After all, we're honoring our Lord! Doesn't He deserve our best offering?

Choir does require a strong commitment to honor God by faithfully learning the songs; please see the section on Commitment below.

Q: What if I want more information?
A: Feel free to ask during choir practice, or send us an e-mail.


The purpose of the choir is to observe and honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to glorify Him. While participating in choir is an enjoyable and fun experience, we must all remember the true reason for this ministry: it's up to each and every member to offer their Abel best!

That requires a true commitment to learning the songs to the best of the abilities that God has given us. This includes:

  • Being on time to practices.
  • Faithfully attending the practices. We realize there are times when you will be unable to attend, but these should be exceptions to the rule. It is important to attend practice to get a feel of singing with the group and knowing what the dynamics and nuances of each song are.
  • Remembering to bring your music.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the full versions of all the songs to be comfortable with what they are supposed to sound like, and to be aware of the dynamics. All of the song samples are available on this site. See the menu at the left.
  • Spending time during the week to learn your individual voice parts. This is facilitated by the recordings on this site - click on your voice part in the menu at the left.

Yes, it's a commitment and requires some hard work and effort on your part. But isn't honoring God worth it? Amen!

This is not an official site of Evergreen Baptist Church SGV, It is intended for use by choir members for practice purposes. For the official Evergreen Baptist Church SGV site, please click here.